Table & Floor Lamps 

Avenue Lighting showcases an extensive range or modern, traditional and task lamps.

By simply adding a lamp you can instantly transform any room, open up a space or create an interesting visual. Even though you may have plenty of ceiling light, adding a lamp can be both decorative and functional.

When choosing a lamp it is important to know what the main requirements of the lamp will be, decide whether the lamp is for task lighting or simply decorative.

If you require task lighting for reading or close work you should select something with an exposed globe such as a standard study lamp. This will ensure maximum light and will eliminate any shadows that may be caused by a shade enclosing the globe. You will also need to consider the other light sources within the room, try to create a successful balance between task lighting and general lighting to avoid eyestrain.

On the other hand, if the lamp is purely for decorative purposes; choose a lamp with a shade covering the globe. This will soften the light source creating dramatic and visually pleasing look, casting unique shadows while still providing an excellent source of light.

Avenue Lighting have a wide range of table and floor lamps in both decorative and functional designs. Ranging from modern statement designs to timeless classic’s, explore our range now and find that perfect piece.