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Spotlights are an extremely versatile type of lighting and use a variety of globes to create multiple lighting solutions.

Led Spotlights are lights which use either a led globe or fixed light emitting diodes (LED's). Using LED’s as a light source is a great way to start reducing your carbon footprint and saving on your power bills. They use approximately 10-20% of the energy of the traditional 50 watt halogen globe so can save you up to 90% of your lighting costs. Led globes and fittings create less heat than traditional lights, which means in optimal conditions they can last up to 50 times longer than a conventional halogen or incandescent lamp. Although many of the LED globes and fixtures can be quite pricey with the reduction in your energy bill and no need to change the globe it generally pays for itself within 1-2 years. Our beautifully designed LED’S are highly durable, reliable and an excellent source of task lighting in kitchens, offices, shops and living areas.

Fluorescent spotlights are being quickly overtaken by the led market; however they do still provide a versatile energy efficient solution to task and general lighting requirements in both domestic and commercial situations. The clear light they produce coupled with the adjustable heads makes them ideal for highlighting particular spaces while also giving a soft general light within the area.

240V GU10 Spotlights deliver a light similar to the traditional low voltage halogen lamp without requiring the use of a transformer. The absence of transformers in these fittings has allowed them to be more innovative and slimline than traditional low voltage spotlights. The 240V GU10 Spotlights also allows for more versatility with globe replacements. Standard fittings will be supplied with a 50 watt halogen globe; however more energy efficient globes can be used such as compact fluorescents and LED’S.

G9 Halogen Spotlights offer the warm, ambient glow of incandescent fixtures, with the higher light output of a halogen lamp. The absence of transformers in these fixtures, in addition to the compact size of the lamp, have allowed for an attractive slimline design. Delicate glass shades have also been used successfully in these spotlights bars to compliment the G9 lamp and create a visually pleasing look.