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There are plenty of benefits to pendant fixtures, usually found in dining rooms, formal lounge areas, bedrooms, over kitchen tables and in foyers. Pendants are excellent source of both ambient and task lighting; they are visually decorative and can help provide an overall theme to a space.

Pendant fixtures have become a popular lighting choice for a wide range of rooms in recent years. Generally used alone but can be grouped together to produce a more inviting look.

A large feature pendant or chandelier hung over a dining table or foot of a bed can create a dramatic and visually pleasing look, casting unique shadows while providing an excellent source of light. You will need to consider the size of the space when selecting a pendant, including the width and height of the area. An undersized pendant will look insignificant, while an oversized fitting will clutter the room and restrict lines of vision.

Remember, the perfect pendant should complement the space, not overshadow it.

Hanging multiple pendants above a rectangular table or over a kitchen bench can be a very popular and effective choice. They are a great solution for providing adequate task lighting while also an opportunity to enhance or reinforce your kitchen designs. Hanging a series of identical fixtures in groups of two, three and five creates a classic look.

Add flexibility to your lighting design and install dimmers. If a dimmer isn’t possible, consider separate switches for different lights in the room. This can create a more ambient and intimate setting for your space.

Avenue Lighting has an extensive range of pendants. Ranging from classic designs, modern industrial themes and contemporary chandeliers, there is something to excite everyone’s space.