Led Lighting

Light emitting diodes, more commonly known as “LED”, represents the cutting edge of lighting technology and is fast becoming an increasingly popular solution for residential and commercial lighting applications.

Using LED’s as a light source is a great way to start reducing your carbon footprint and saving on your power bills. They use approximately 10-20% of the energy of a standard halogen or conventional incandescent globe so can save you up to 90% of your lighting costs.

LED’s do not contain filaments, gases, mercury or other fragile components as used in traditional or fluorescent lighting. This makes LED’s extremely durable, long lasting, environmentally friendly and very resistant to voltage spikes and constant turning on/off.

Led globes and fittings are highly energy efficient, converting a large proportion of electrical energy into useful light, rather than heat; which means in optimal conditions they can last up to 50 times longer than a conventional halogen or incandescent lamp.

Furthermore, the minimal heat dissipation helps reduce cooling costs of your home or business and reduces risk of fire due to ignition of ceiling insulation material. 

LED lighting technology is moving fast with the variety ever increasing. They are quickly replacing conventional filament, halogen and compact florescent lamps due to their high efficiency and long lasting nature.

LED's are now available in many shapes and sizes similar to conventional light globes for easy retrofit installation. LED’s are also integrated into various fittings to create down lights, pendants, exterior lights, table and floor lamps, flexible strips and many more products in store.

Although many of the LED globes and fixtures can be quite pricey with the reduction in your energy bill and no need to change the globe it generally pays for itself within 1-2 years. Our beautifully designed LED’S are highly durable, reliable and an excellent source of both task and general lighting.

When choosing an LED it is important to look at the overall light output of each lamp, to decide whether the light source will give you the required amount of illumination. Our friendly team are knowledgeable in lumen/light output of a variety of LED products, and can assist you in making the correct choice for your space.