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Down lights

A popular choice in any home, down lights are ideal as both general and task lighting.

Down lights similar to spotlights are an extremely versatile type of lighting and use a variety of globes to create multiple lighting solutions.

Led Down lights are fast becoming an increasingly popular solution for residential and commercial lighting applications. Using LED’s as a light source is a great way to start reducing your carbon footprint and saving on your power bills. They use approximately 10-20% of the energy of a standard halogen or conventional incandescent globe so can save you up to 90% of your lighting costs. Led down lights are fast replacing conventional filament, halogen and compact florescent lamps due to their high efficiency and long lasting nature. With numerous designs, light outputs and angles the LED down light provides a flexible energy efficient solution to task, accent and general lighting.

Compact Fluorescent down lights are an economical way to reduce your energy consumption. CFL down lights provide a versatile energy efficient solution to task and general lighting. However as with compact fluorescent spotlights these down lights are also fast becoming obsolete, as LED market takes over.

Halogen down lights were a very popular choice for many years in both domestic and commercial situations. However, with the high energy consumption, short life span and heat of the halogen globe, LED’s are quickly becoming the safer and more energy efficient option. This is because an average halogen light will use only 10 percent of the electricity flowing to it to produce light, and the other 90 percent is wasted as heat. Some halogen lights also require transformers to step the standard electric current down from 240 volts to 12 volts, these transformers also use energy.  

The good news is that replacing your energy hungry halogen lights with energy efficient LED lights is not a difficult task at all! LED globes are now available as a simple retro fit option; firstly check if yours is a 240v or 12v globe, if you are unsure bring your globe in to the friendly staff at Avenue Lighting and they will assist you in selecting the right globe. Then all you have to do is remove your existing halogen bulb and install the LED replacement.
Alternatively, if you want to take advantage of better performance, the entire light fitting can be replaced with a completely new LED fitting. 

Incandescent down lights are still widely use and are a very budget friendly option. The incandescent down light Edison screw lamp holder allows for a wide range of lamp options including standard incandescent GLS and R80 reflector, energy saving compact fluorescent and led lamps.

Down light Tip: When using for task lighting, over a kitchen bench or vanity mirror you should be aware of casting shadows. Position the fixture directly over the vanity or bench, so that the light is in front of you and will not create shadows over the surface and/or vanity mirror.