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Ceiling Fans & Accessories

Ceiling fans provide a natural energy saving cooling solution for your home. Minimal noise and maximum comfort make ceiling fans a popular choice for living, bedroom, kitchen and alfresco areas. 

On a hot summer’s day, a ceiling fan working alongside an air conditioner can reduce your running costs by up to 40%.

Alternatively, a ceiling fan in reverse mode circulates warm air down which is great for those cooler winter months. This technique has been proven to lower heating costs by as much as 10%.

Selecting the correct fan for the space is very important, ensuring maximum airflow while also creating a visually pleasing look. You will need to consider the size of the space, including the width and height of the area.

Ceiling height is also something that needs careful consideration when selecting a fan. The majority of ceiling fans should have at least 2.1 meters between the lowest point of the fan blades and the floor and at least 300mm from the ceiling, ensuring maximum airflow and avoiding disappointment.

If you have higher ceilings above the standard 2.4 meters, you may require an extension rod. All ceiling fans have an optional 600mm or 900mm extension rod, which can be easily adapted suit your requirements. Furthermore, there are various additional accessories that work well when combined with a ceiling fan. Each fan has the option to be installed with a remote control and variety of fan lights; Surface mount oysters, spotlights, energy efficient fluorescents and LED’s are just some of the options available.

There is a new wave of energy efficient fan’s flooding the market. DC (direct current) ceiling fans use brushless technology. The electric motor converts the AC current input (the mains supply into our homes) to a DC current output through the use of a driver and energises an internal array of magnets of opposing polarity. The resulting magnetic force creates the torque required to rotate the motor. This process requires less energy than conventional AC motors to operate, offering considerable energy savings and running cost of up to 70%. Check out our frequently asked questions to find out more!

So whether you want to make statement or have your fan discreetly blend into the space, there is an option for every style and budget.

Speak to one of our trained staff at Avenue Lighting and find the perfect ceiling fan to suit your home.