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Bathroom lights and accessories

Bathroom lighting needs careful consideration, your lighting plan should to be flexible enough to provide a relaxing environment, however also delivering functional lighting to accommodate the more practical tasks.

Wall lighting above a mirror floods the area with light, illuminating your face making shaving and makeup application easy. You may also want to consider adding flattering general lighting such as down lights, flush mount oysters, bathroom heat light and exhaust fan combinations and for the more adventurous chandeliers and pendants.

Adding separate switching to multiple lighting options allows you to control the space, delivering a bathroom with a functional yet calming atmosphere.  

Bathrooms are particularly prone to moisture problems caused by the high humidity. It is important to provide some means to expel humid air before it has the chance to condense causing mould and mildew build up. Every bathroom needs ventilation and in most cases the best ventilation is a bathroom exhaust fan.

Bathroom heat, light and exhaust fan combinations are a great way to provide a soft radiant heat, general purpose lighting and an exhaust fan in one sleek unit.

Alternatively, fittings can be purchased separately, there are many option available such as, exhaust and light arrangements or exhaust only. When considering bathroom air extraction or heating products it is important to check the smaller details such as; the air movement rating on the exhaust fan (measured in m3/hr) and the wattage of the heat globes to avoid problems and disappointment.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team at Avenue Lighting are trained in helping you select the correct products for bathroom needs and ensuring the perfect bathroom lighting plan.